We Analyzed The Fall Home Collections From Target, Anthro, CB2 + 12 More – Here Are The Best New Releases For Each

Ok, now onto the others!

For instance, the cabinet and blanket ladder. How unreal are those?? But if you want to tone things down then you must get your hands on that lampshade if you are in need of one. It’s perfect! What is also perfect, are those salt and pepper shakers. As a collector of sorts, I am going to need to snag those asap:)

Can you handle that mailbox?? The cutest! Terrain also has florals on lock – that candelabra and plates are pretty darn wonderful. And while it’s a bigger purchase, that outdoor fireplace would be so awesome for all those cozy nights. For the inside, I love how they sell a mix of three different types of taper candles in one set.

Bronze Brown Velvet Bench | Swivel Black Wood Floor Length Mirror

I’m pretty over the moon for that nightstand. It’s a perfect example of those cleaner lines I was just talking about! Then if you love fall florals, that pillow and faux Queen Anne’s lace are GREAT ways to incorporate them. And if that photo above is any indication of how good those faux flowers are then I am sold.

I love that Colin decided to make the feet of the sofa simple but in a cool shape we don’t get to see very often. The contrast of a classically shaped sofa with a modern foot is so chic. The short, chunky lamp is great and he also used wrought iron in a beautifully clean way with the candlestick holders (they come in three sizes). I also really appreciate the simplicity of the storage side table. If you look at his work you know he loves to style with raw textures so I love that we chose that rough wood. That tone is also just beautiful:) You should definitely check out the whole collection.

Glencoe 6-Light Chandelier | Sedona Console Table

I say it every year, but the fall drops are my favorite drops of the year! Cozy is king, creativity is high, and personally, fall colors are my preferred colors. This year is no different! Well, it’s a little different. The market is constantly changing and strategies shift, you may have noticed that fewer retailers are announcing full-on seasonal collections. Instead, what’s happening now is that “collections” aren being saved for all the wonderful designer collaborations we’ve been seeing (ie Crate & Barrel x Athena Calderone, Lulu & Georgia x Ginny Macdonald, etc.) But don’t worry, the old model of seasonal drops isn’t dead! Seasonal lines are still here but it’s just seems that a lot of retailers are simply adding AWESOME new products to their sites more frequently…and I am here to talk you through it all. Per usual I went through A LOT of sites, but it’s a hobby (and my job, ha) to see what all these brands are putting out:)

from: what’s next in fall decor from crate & barrel (spoiler: it’s real cozy) + my personal rules on designing with extreme comfort in mind

Soho Home is one of the newer editions to the EHD favorites list and there is no surprise as to why. While not inexpensive, the quality and designs are so special and interesting. I mean it’s where Em’s living room chair is from! Naturally, I had to check out what their fall offerings were:)

  1. Pia Mirror | 2. Carlisle Six Drawer Dresser | 3. Vivienne Sectional Four Seater Sofa | 4. Maris Pendant | 5. Duetoni Coffee Table | 6. Raimundo Rug

Cascade Pulls | Gantry Pendant

photo via schoolhouse

When you want whimsy, Terrain is must stop. It’s never not extremely fun to browse through their site! This season is no different. Also I love how they are pretty into mushrooms…trending fungi? Ok, let’s get into these sweet products.

  1. Post Box | 2. Forest Mushroom Napkins (Set of 4) | 3. Weathering Steel Outdoor Fireplace with Grill | 4. Floral Candelabra | 5. Midnight Florals Ceramic Dinner Plate | 6. Mixed Silhouette Tapers
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Tensira Bedrolls

Milo Chair

Damon Chandelier | Rodolfo Coffee Table

Floral Candelabra | Midnight Florals Ceramic Dinner Plate

Pedestal Table | Deluxe Linen Stripe Pillow | Iron Taper Holders

No one does affordable fall decor like Target, amirite?? I think most of the Target pieces I own are from the fall drops. So when I decided to do this post I was pretty excited to see what they had in store. Per usual I was not disappointed and a few things are giving CB2 vibes which I REALLY love.

  1. Luxe Double Taper Candleholder | 2. Tapered Banana Sheet Basket | 3. Boucle Sphere Throw Pillow | 4. Rounded Pumpkin | 5. Sedum Arrangement in Wood Vessel | 6. Wood Turned Candleholder | 7. Short Metal Lantern | 8. Block Print Square Throw Pillow | 9. Decorative Light Wood Tray

Tapered Banana Sheet Basket | Short Metal Lantern | Boucle Sphere Throw Pillow

A classic EHD fav!! Schoolhouse has always been our go-to for cool utilitarian and classic decor. It’s always exciting when they have new products! I really love how they’re leaning into brighter poppy colors for fall:)

  1. Milo Chair | 2. Gantry Pendant | 3. Shelburne Cotton Coverlet | 4. Cascade Pulls | 5. Schoolhouse Utility Stool | 6. Sidnie Lamp

That bar cabinet looks great and the shape is special! If I had space that bar would be a no brainer. I also prefer all of the closed storage:) The (extra long) dining table and bench are also examples of the modern lines that I think are so pretty. Oh, and those baskets are a 10/10.

photo via jayson home

When I saw this new collab with Chasing Paper and artist, Shadé Akanbi, I thought it was so great! The patterns are beautiful and bold and come is such stunning colors (I told you I love fall colors:)). These papers also come in a few different types – peel and stick, traditional, faux grasscloth, and matte performance vinyl.

  1. Berber Diamond | 2. Cleo Stripe Horizontal | 3. Kuba Geo

We could talk about our love for Lulu and Georgia for eternity. Their collabs are some of our favorites but they also just have an incredible inventory that yes, they just added to! Let’s just get into it since it’s really needs no other introduction.

  1. Banks Accent Chair | 2. Damon Chandelier | 3. Rodolfo Coffee Table | 4. Luis Table Lamp | 5. Karine Round Dining Table | 6. Morey Curio Sideboard | 7. Cato Coffee Table | 8. Nedda Boucle Pillow | 9. Philana Dresser

House of Hackney Curio Cabinet

Faux Queen Anne’s Lace | Rylee Nightstand

See that I mean? That double candleholder and sphere pillow (that also comes in olive) feel very CB2 but at an even better price! I also love love that large woven basket. I think that rich brown is so beautiful and would work stylistically in almost any home, don’t you? Oh and Target’s pumpkins are the best in the biz every year.

Seagrass Basket | Stoneware Plant Pot

What you thought I’d forget Anthro? No way! Given that Terrain and Anthropologie are under the same umbrella, the whimsy only continues.

  1. House of Hackney Curio Cabinet | 2. Glass Salt & Pepper Shakers | 3. Josie Bell Lamp Shade | 4. Maude Blanket Ladder | 5. Molto Table Lamp | 6. Georgine Mirror | 7. Beaufort Bouclé Sheba Daybed | 8. Andrea Mirror | 9. Mimi Thorisson Italian Hours Dinner Plates (Set of 4)

Both #1 and #8 are extremely cool storage solutions. Are the cheap? No. But they are quality pieces that will make your home look incredible. Then I feel like that coffee table is the modern, warmer cousin to Emily’s live wood Anthro coffee table. That chunky rounded edge is too good! Honestly, I adore every piece and I hope if you need something this helps.

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Luis Table Lamp | Philana Dresser | Morey Curio Sideboard

Opening Image Credits: Photo via Rejuvenation

منبع: https://stylebyemilyhenderson.com/blog/the-best-fall-decor-collections-2023-and-our-picks

Marble Table Lamp with Brass Shade | Armless Geometric Patterned Chair | Natural Oak Wood Credenza

I am never not wildly excited when I see a collab with stylist, Colin King. But this one might be his largest one yet! The colors are moody yet comforting, the materials are textured and unpretentious, and the silhouettes are GOOD. But I wouldn’t expect anything less. Let’s get into it:)

  1. Kirkwood Sofa | 2. Ceramic Table Lamp | 3. Deluxe Linen Stripe Pillow | 4. Pedestal Table | 5. Bronze-Finished Nesting Tables | 6. Ceramic Vase | 7. Iron Taper Holders | 8. Stripe Rug | 9. Rustic Wood Side Table

Maris Pendant | Duetoni Coffee Table | Carlisle Six Drawer Dresser

Chestnut and Marble Bar Cabinet | Acacia Bench with Cream Cushion | Extra Long Ash Dining Table

Ceramic Table Lamp | Kirkwood Sofa | Stripe Rug

Kuba Geo | Berber Diamond

Love you, mean it.

That rust color is my favorite in the Berber Diamond! Then I love how playful yet cool the Cleo Stripe is and the Kuba Geo is perfectly bold and neutral.

Beaufort Bouclé Sheba Daybed | Andrea Mirror

photo via anthropologie

But wait, we actually already kicked off the fall collection drop last week with Crate & Barrel! Did you see the living room Em put together? It was so cute and I still am not over that candelabra! I saw it in person too and it’s incredible. Go to that post to see all of those links and more of our favorite picks…there’s a lot because a lot was so GOOD:)

If you’ve looked at any project Emily (and anyone on the team) have done in the past few years, you know Rejuvenation is peak EHD! Elevated, modern traditional with a heavy dose of vintage describes us and them perfectly. We also love that they are very choosing when releasing new products (aka it doesn’t happen often) so this is very exciting.

  1. Roswell Chair-And-A-Half | 2. Theo Pendant | 3. Leather Open Weave Basket | 4. Poplar 54″ Quad Pendant | 5. Verona White Oak Surface Mount Medicine Cabinet | 6. Grace Drawer Pull | 7. Wren Toilet Paper Holder | 8. Glencoe 6-Light Chandelier | 9. Sedona Console Table

And no, CB2 did not disappoint because to me they are perfect. I am partial to their modern yet throw back vintage ways. They also work with designers/studios and feature them in the products descriptions. Cool, no? It’s been a long time since I haven’t want MULTIPLE pieces from their collections and this one is really versatile.

  1. Natural Oak Wood Credenza | 2. Marble Table Lamp with Brass Shade | 3. Acacia Wood Coffee Table | 4. Bronze Brown Velvet Bench | 5. Mardones Camel Velvet Sofa | 6. Swivel Black Wood Floor Length Mirror | 7. Antiqued Black Rectangular Mirror | 8. Short Walnut Wood Bookcase | 9. Armless Geometric Patterned Chair

Rounded Pumpkin | Decorative Light Wood Tray

I love how iron is being used in beautiful modern ways so this mirror is RIGHT up my alley. Then if you want a rich, plush sofa, I don’t think you’ll find a more stunning option than #3. Even the legs are incredible! But what really has me swooning is that oversized pendant. Look at it in the photo above! It’s soft and bold all at the same time. I’m debating if I need it for my bedroom:)

West Elm X Colin King

For example, this chair and this table lamp. Really simple lines in awesome, bold colors. They both have other color options (the table lamp though has A TON of color options including a Barbie pink:)). Also, I’m sure you all love this coverlet that has been in Em’s homes for years (and is currently $60 off). Well here is a new one! It also comes in that fun bright red with blue accents. It is guaranteed to add personality to any room.

  Café Au Lait - A Beautiful Mess

Rowan Canvas Abstract Art | Zenia Floral Quilted Pillow | Ellis Metal Table Lamp

Remember the post we did about the decor shops you might forget about when shopping? Well, Jayson Home was on that list but should never be forgotten! Their array of truly special pieces and vintage far has this puppy really in the running for the EHD favorite (aside from the fact that it’s already a favorite).

  1. Avignon Mirror | 2. Tensira Bedrolls | 3. Avila Lamp | 4. Kendall Diamond Pillow | 5. Bastille Stool | 6. Ulysses Vase

That accent chair looks cool AND comfortable. Not an easy mix to find sadly. Oh and it comes in other colors too! And normally that chandelier wouldn’t totally be my style but after seeing it in the photo above I think it might be. Oh, and if you need a dining table before the holidays this is SUCH a great one. You’ll be the coolest one in your family FOR SURE:)

Classic, rustic, modern, and traditional! All the ways to describe Pottery Barn:) I really love how they are moving into cleaner lines and this collection is no different. Pottery Barn is another one of those brands that thrives in fall! Two peas in a pod.

  1. Modern Farmhouse Rectangular Console | 2. Zenia Floral Quilted Pillow | 3. Ellis Metal Table Lamp | 4. Rowan Canvas Abstract Art | 5. Rylee Nightstand | 6. Faux Queen Anne’s Lace | 7. Kensington Metal Floor Lamp | 8. Heirloom Stoneware Oval Platter | 9. Manzanita Shelf

I have dreams of owning a mirror like that one! It’s such a stunning piece. Then those bedrolls and fringe ottman are looking very similar to the fabric trend I was talking about:) I also can’t handle that woven lamp. It would make such a great statement in any home.

Another truly awesome affordable place to get decor. We all have H&M in our homes because we honestly love their stuff! They just have really give stylish, chic options. Here’s what they’re serving up right now…

  1. Seagrass Basket | 2. Stoneware Plant Pot | 3. 2-Pack Patterned Cushion Covers (Set of 2) | 4. Large Stoneware Serving Dish | 5. Jacquard-Weave Cushion Cover | 6. Wall Decoration

Good, right?! The textiles are playful and patterned but totally versatile (and real affordable). I am surprised how much I love that jacquard-weave cushion cover! Then for my organic modern lovers, that planter and black wall art are right up your alley.

photo via lulu and georgia

Well, there you have it. All the things from all the collections (or drops) we are currently loving! If you have any other recs let me know!

World Market is slept on too much if you ask me. Their range of products is so great and the prices are fair. They will always have the classic “boho” style in a ton of their pieces, but they too are changing with the times and going a little sleeker. Wanna see?

  1. Chestnut and Marble Bar Cabinet | 2. Extra Long Ash Dining Table | 3. Wood Ringed Taper Candle Holders | 4. Upholstered Swivel Dining Chair | 5. Rattan Belly Baskets | 6. Acacia Bench with Cream Cushion

I am really loving that polished nickel pendant! It comes in other finishes but there’s something about that metal in particular I am into. Don’t they remind you of the pendants in Em’s kitchen? Well, in shape at least. Thatchair-and-a-half is one you would easily own forever and the wood framed medicine cabinet is perfect.