Use a Fall Throw Blanket to Transform Your Living Room – A Game-Changing Tip

To me, Fall starts once the kids are in school, no matter the weather. I get too excited to wait, and I like to enjoy my favorite season for as long as I can. So once September hits, I start transitioning my decor to fall (see the fall bonus room, fall kitchen, and faux fall branches). When it comes to seasonal home decor, I like to keep things fairly simple. My tips for making my home feel more cozy are easy enough to do in an afternoon (I did)! And chances are, you only need a few pieces to add some cozy fall vibes. For example, a fall throw blanket can make a big impact! I’ll show you how.

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Fold a fall throw blanket over the seat of a sofa

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Here’s one way to decorate using a throw, which is ideal for thinner blankets like this autumnal plaid one. Fall decor is more than just pumpkins and wooden signs; it’s about the feeling of comfort that comes when the weather shifts and all you want to do is cozy up with a warm blanket and a cup of hot tea. A woven throw suggests “Fall” without literally spelling out “F-A-L-L.”

Side note: chunkier throws look best when they’re literally thrown over a chair or sofa and equally invite Fall into the room.

Cover the sofa seat with a throw blanket

Additionally, another way to get creative with throw blankets (fall or not) is to layer them entirely over the seat cushion. Is it me, or is this an entirely new sofa? I’ve draped blankets over the back of a sofa, but in this case, both sofas are against a wall, and I wanted to show off the patterned plaid more. Instead, I tucked it over the seat to declare my love for fall. The plush pumpkin is the cherry on top.

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Also, I spy my new favorite ceramic mushrooms, which are such a subtle nod to the great outdoors.

Don’t forget to sprinkle fall branches throughout your home! When it comes to branches, I’m all about grabbing a pair of clippers and heading outside to get the real thing, but sometimes what you have outside isn’t what you want, and so faux is the way to go.

Other hints of fall decor are the layered country art, the stack of faux pumpkins, and the assortment of tapered candles and candlesticks. Psst, I usually use candles that are battery operated, which means no risk of fire or smoke damage.

Fold and display throw blankets

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Another way to decorate for fall using throw blankets is to display them neatly in a stack, as we did in my favorite cabinet. Or you could toss them in a basket like we did in the bonus room! Either way, having more than a few blankets within arms reach signifies you’re ready for a relaxing night in.

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Rather than re-decorating your home for each season, shift the feeling in your home by incorporating a few seasonal pieces that complement your year-round decor. You can start by layering in some fall throw blankets and see how far that takes you. We’ve gathered 12 stunners below, and they’re priced low to high for your shopping convenience!

  1. Harvest Plaid Woven Throw Blanket $19
  2. Heathered Stripe Woven Throw Blanket $29
  3. Ivory Stitched Line Throw $34
  4. Plaid Black & Tan Fringed Woven Throw $36
  5. Reversible Rust Plaid Stripes Fringe Throw $59
  6. Chamonix Rust Throw $56
  7. Cozy Knit Fable Throw Blanket $98
  8. Waffle Knit Throw $99
  9. Pendleton Washable Wool Throw Blanket $119
  10. Overlook White Chunky Knit Throw Blanket $129
  11. HOUSE No. 23™ Danikha Throw Blanket $158
  12. Carmello Plaid Merino Wool Throw $158
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