The Ultimate EHD Vintage Resource Guide (Our Best Tips, Hacks, And Shops All In One Place!)

Another Caitlin vintage post that blew my mind! She takes you through how she basically hasn’t paid for her large vintage furniture pieces in years. This might be the most useful budget hack I’ve heard about.

The pitch of this post was when we found out that Caitlin (an EHD employee of two months at the time and now over four years) previously had a side business/hustle buying and selling furniture! Her tips were (and still are) INCREDIBLE. She really takes you through how to spot the good stuff for cheap, gives a super in-depth best practices guide for searching on Craigslist, AND teaches you how to sell online if you are interested. Another GREAT one.

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Sure, we all know Etsy, Chairish, Craigslist, etc. but this isn’t just that. This list by the one and only Caitlin K. Higgins is a thorough, in-depth list of truly awesome online shops for great vintage finds. I figured I’d start with this one in case you just wanted to immediately start window shopping. BUT, may I suggest you keep scrolling because with more information you might get better results:)

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I remember when Caitlin pitched this post and I instantly thought, “YESS!! I NEED THIS!” Not only does she give you specific keywords to search, but she breaks it down by style. Gone are the days (if you want) of endlessly scrolling to maybe find one thing you might bookmark. Work smarter, not harder. And no, we don’t deserve her.

And finally, we’ve come to the end but ending very strong with…Etsy! Man, we love Etsy and so do you if our numbers are any indicator:) So Ryann, another Etsy fanatic, put together this incredible list of sellers. Fair warning they aren’t all vintage but there are a ton of great vintage options.

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So actually I technically wrote this post but I interviewed Emily for it as I am only kind of sorta ok at haggling…I needed her advice! Emily is big on respecting the vendor but also knows there’s fun in the haggle game for both parties:) I highly recommend you read these tips to make sure you are getting a great deal and that the vendor feels good about the sale too! Plus look at this sweet photo of Toddler Charlie that I forgot I put in there!! See everyone loves vintage.

Earlier this week I talked about my vintage bathroom (well, mostly about my vintage toilet), and the love in the comments for all things vintage was resounding. Despite knowing this blog was heavily built on the love of vintage, it was a little reminder of just how much! I hope it’s clear that our love for vintage is as deep as ever too. So with all that said, I thought I’d grab all of our amazing vintage content (tips, tricks, and resources) all in one place. Even I forgot about some of these awesome posts! To give credit where credit is due these posts are almost exclusively written by Emily and Caitlin and for good reason – they are pros!! I’m truly never not endlessly impressed by their knowledge. I’m sorry (not sorry) if I send you down a very fun vintage decor wormhole. See you on the other side!

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This is the only Facebook Marketplace guide you will ever need (well for vintage shopping that is). Caitlin does it again, showing and telling you how to really find what you want on FBMP! It’s very detailed which is such a gift.

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Opening Image Credits: Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | From: Styling To Sell: How We Staged Our Dining Room And Kitchen (With The Changes I Should Have Done Years Ago!)


Now this post was born out of the pandemic, wanting to support wonderful vintage sellers that were being greatly affected by the lockdown. Thankfully, we are back outside and at those flea markets, but this is still an incredible guide that is categorized by state for those who’d rather scroll on their phone than hit the pavement to find awesome vintage.

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This might be one of Emily’s first flea market tip posts since it’s from 2012! But you know what? It’s still GREAT info and there are extremely fun pictures of cool vintage finds and Orlando and her having a lot of fun together. A true gem.

Hope this was fun, got you excited to look at some vintage, and sent you into the weekend in a good mood. It’s almost guaranteed to when talking about beautiful old things:)

Speaking of Caitlin, a couple of years about we decided to go to the Rose Bowl together and write about it! It was extremely fun and fruitful (as you’ll read) but before we get into the adventure, Caitlin takes you through all of her personal flea market tips! Things like what to wear, what to bring, when to get there, etc. I might be biased but it’s a fun and happy read:)

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If you think you already read all of her shopping tips from the first post you are wrong. This post is filled with really useful, practical advice that Emily uses herself when shopping for vintage. It’s about how to look for great pieces that won’t give you buyer’s remorse. A must-read!

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Emily is no stranger to buying a piece of vintage furniture and customizing it while maintaining the integrity of the piece. So in taking that journey many many times, she’s learning a thing or two to look out for. It’s so fun to see so many of her transformations and very useful to see the power in it! Go check it out if only for the eye candy:)

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Vintage lighting may be my kryptonite because I couldn’t count the hours I’ve spent looking at vintage lights. This post however gives you great tips and even greater shoppable stores to start your journey. If you haven’t ever had a vintage lamp in your home, we promise it’s a game-changer.

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Our love for vintage rugs runs deeeeep and this post is a beloved one by all. But in case you didn’t know it existed and had your heart set on a beautiful vintage rug then we hope this helps! Don’t worry there are great buying tips as well as descriptions for different types of rugs too:)

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Love you, mean it.