the kent house | Miss Mustard Seed

The house in Kent, a neighborhood of Washington DC hit the market last week and I wanted to share pictures of how this gorgeous house turned out!  I’m going to share a few photos, but you can see the listing HERE if you want to see to full house tour.

Here is how the house looks from the exterior.  I love the copper accents added to the overhangs and gutters as well as how they made a real feature of the windows and doors.

The largest painting of mine is Verschoor Barn, whish is hanging over the fireplace in the living room…

We didn’t have a frame for this one (bummer), so I painted the edges black to frame it out.  I would’ve preferred a frame, but I think it works nicely with the fireplace and modern furnishings.

As I’ve shared before, the styling was done by Caroline of Ekster Antiques.  I love that she’s so versatile.  She can swing sleek and modern and then back to a refined rustic style.

The living room opens to the kitchen where my second piece is hanging.  This is an 8 x 10 oil still life of Asian pears…

it’s hung in a vintage frame just to the left of the range hood.

I love how the countertops are carried up the backsplash and the function as a small shelf.  I thought that was a clever design choice.

A 16 x 20 pair of rabbits are hanging in the mudroom and I have received the most positive feedback on this painting…

Caroline had a frame to put them in and it ended up being perfect.  I think they are so well suited to the room and really shine in that frame.  This is a favorite for me, too.

  آیت‌الله رئیسی به پکن می رود

The mudroom, in fact, might be my favorite room!  I know that’s a funny room to pick as a favorite, but it’s just so charming with the brass doorknobs, the muted cabinets, and that yummy terracotta floor.

My last painting is a 9 x 13 seagull in a vintage frame…

He has a treasured post over the potty.

Here are a few of my other favorite views in the house…

It’s just gorgeous, isn’t it?  I truly am honored that I had the chance to be a very small part of a big project.  Well, it’s always an honor to have my work hanging in any home.  I think that’s the ultimate compliment an artist can receive.   It’s definitely an encouragement to me that there are a lot of possibilities out there for my artwork.

If any of these paintings speak to you, you can purchase the prints on and, if they don’t sell to a local client, they will be available in a future art sale.


As a huge compliment to all of the people involved in the renovation and styling of the house, it was chosen to be featured as Washington Post’s House of the Week on September 7, 2023.  One of my paintings even made a cameo in the feature.  You can see it HERE if you’re interested.