Studio Storage Cabinet Design Ideas

This next one is the perfect example of being able to find inspiration even in things I don’t necessarily like. 😀 I don’t really like the look of this geometric credenza from Society 6 (affiliate link), but I do like the idea of doing a geometric color block design and adding in some metallic gold.

I love the design on the doors, but I have no idea what color would work. I almost think it would have to be various shades of white with the gold scale design over it. And since my cabinet will be so much larger than this one, I would probably only use the design inside a framed area of each door rather than doing it on the entire door. After all, I’ll have 12 full overlay doors on my cabinet.

If you’re new around here, and haven’t had the chance to get caught up on my studio project, these are the two areas of cabinets I’m talking about that will be pink. First, there’s the mural wall that will have 20-feet of lower cabinets painted pink.

Y’all will have to wait until next week to see the mural wall cabinets because I got them all painted and clear coated, but I didn’t want to risk putting the doors and drawer fronts on too soon. I’d rather give the clear coat a couple of days to dry before messing with them. And I know some of you have lots of questions about the painting process, products used, etc. I’ll share all of that next week.

Next up is this Scale Pattern Sideboard (affiliate link) from Homary.

So I think that’s the direction I’ll head with this section of cabinets in the studio. I’ll have to start by removing the utilitarian feet and adding some pretty furniture feet.

If you followed the master bathroom project, you might remember that I had initially planned to add built-in cabinets to that area, but I ended up making this cabinet as a separate piece of furniture instead. And I’m so glad I did! I think having this cabinet as a separate piece of furniture instead of built-in cabinets looks so much more interesting.

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So at this point, I have no idea which direction I’ll go. Of course, anything with paint and a little trim would the most economical. Anything that involves a lot of trim to create a design on the doors could be quite expensive with such a large cabinet and 12 doors. But I want to do something pretty, something interesting, and something that will coordinate with the studio and the main areas of the house.

I love the idea of those two areas of cabinets matching in color and style. But when it comes to this third area of cabinets just inside the studio door, I just can’t quite get on board with these matching in color and style. I think it would be overkill.

I don’t particularly like that specific design. It looks too busy to me. And if I did something like this, it would be gold on white, so it would have a softer and more subtle look. But I do like the idea of a simple metallic design.

Those are the easy decisions. The harder decision is what in the world I’m going to do with the rest of it. 😀 I’ve spent some time on Pinterest trying to find ideas that I think would coordinate with my pink cabinets with gold accents, and would also look good from the main areas of the house since it will be visible when the studio door is open. Here are a few that caught my eye.

Obviously, I’m still working on putting that section together. 🙂 My original plan had been to make them look just like the rest. You can see that I put the same functional-but-not-pretty feet on these that I made for the other sections because I planned to make this section look built-in just like the others, meaning that those utilitarian feet would be covered with baseboard-type trim.

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And then I need to move it away from the side wall and center it on the wall like I would any piece of furniture that I put there.

And I already know how I would recreate that look. It would be a very fun project! But it could also get pretty expensive.

And finally, I would do a simple metallic design like this geometric gold pattern credenza from Society 6 (affiliate link).

In the meantime, I can’t stop thinking about these cabinets just inside the door from the breakfast room. As I’ve already shared, I hesitate to paint them pink and treat them just like the other two sections of cabinets in the room.

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Another idea is to do a textural design similar to this small accent cabinet from Hulala Home.

I love the look of the doors (not the legs, just the doors) on this Ehren Rattan Sideboard from All Modern (affiliate link).

But I would use much softer colors to coordinate with the room. This black, white and gold design seems very harsh for my taste. So you’ll just have to imagine a color block design done with soft, pretty colors pulled from the floral mural. Actually, there are a ton of painted designs I came across that would work. Everything from stripes to small geometric designs, and just about everything in between. When it comes to painted designs, the options are limitless.

And here’s the a peek at the pink.