Studio Light Makeover…Again (Attempt #2)

Matt came into my studio a while back to see my mural + pink cabinet + gold leaf combo for the first time. He sat there looking at it for a minute, and then said, “Wow. I love it!” That’s not quite the response I was expecting from him after seeing my flowery, pink, girly wall, and I’m sure the look on my face showed complete shock when I turned to him and said, “REALLY? You like it?” He said, “I love it for you. It’s perfect for you. I’m very glad you have this for you.”

But as the room progressed, and I got the mural up and the cabinets painted, the all black pendant lights started looking too heavy and imposing to my eye. So I removed the shades, pulled out some gold and white spray paints, and gave them a quick makeover. They looked like this…

That’s quite a 180-degree difference from how it started! 😀 And I absolutely LOVE it! It’s just what I wanted these lights to be — light, airy, and feminine. I don’t think that I could get away with having these anywhere else in the house, but I think they’re perfect for my flowery, girly studio.

I then decided that I wanted to take the gold all the way and cover up all of the black on the lights. Since this is my room, and I can make things as flowery and feminine as I want, I proceeded to cover the canopy, cord, and whatever that other piece is called, in the Speedball adhesive and add gold leaf to all of those parts as well.

Anyway, I’m so close to finishing the mural wall in the studio. I can’t wait to get that finished and move on to the other sections! I really slowed myself down when I decided to gold leaf the cabinet doors and drawers. That’s a very slow process, but it’ll totally be worth it (to me!) when it’s finished. I think this studio is going to surpass my expectations when it’s finished, and I already had pretty high expectations before I started. And I’m not in a race, so I’ll take the time I need to take in order to get it right. I’ve been waiting years for this room to be finished, so I want it to be as close to perfect (again, for me!) as possible.

But I do have a small update to share because this was kind of a group project. A few days ago, I shared a little makeover that I had done on the pendant lights on the mural wall of the studio. The lights started out looking like this. (Please excuse the dust!)

You know it’s dry when it turns clear and shiny. When you no longer see any milky white spots, you know it’s ready for the metal leaf to be applied.

After I applied the gold leaf to all of those parts, I reattached the shade and this is what the finished light looked like.

I think this new (and final) look is much better than the first attempt. The first one was a step in the right direction, but it still looked heavy and dull. The current and final iteration looks so much lighter and brighter. I think it’s a perfect complement to my flowery, girly studio with the gold leafed pink cabinets.

I liked them much better like that. The gold and white took away some of that visual heaviness, but I wasn’t crazy about the final color of the gold spray paint. To me, the shade needed actual gold leaf. Again, I don’t use real gold leaf. I use this imitation gold leaf (affiliate link).