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9/11 workshop museum art
I share this post every year because it's important to me that we have a visual reminder of this day, now more than 20 years ago. Can you even believe it? 

It's crazy to me that there is a whole generation that wasn't even alive when 9/11 occurred.

As many of you know, New York is near and dear to us. It's a city we love so very much. I always knew I'd love it, and when my husband took me on my first trip (just a few days before September 11, 2001) I found out I found out I was right. 

This photo always gives me chills. We're at the top of the Statue of Liberty and you can barely see the towers behind me:

This was nine days before 9/11. Nine days later and the towers were gone.

My husband was a band director at the time, and a few months after the attacks we were supposed to travel to Japan for a band trip. 

He canceled that trip and instead we took the students to New York City. SO many New Yorkers stopped us numerous times and thanked the kids for visiting.

These first photos are from the Ground Zero Museum and tell the story of that day. This location is separate from the new museum — it used to be closer to Ground Zero but it looks like it’s moved to 14th street. If you visit the city I highly recommend visiting both.

I let the photos do the talking (forgive the quality, all were taken with a phone over the years):

  dark and moody interiors - Sarah Sherman Samuel

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