My Cozy Fall Living Room Decorating Ideas

But it wasn’t the actual decor so much that I liked. It was more about the room’s overall ambiance that had me rewinding the scene over and over so I could take all the details in and not miss a thing.



In a scene from the movie, Streep’s character’s friends come over to her home for an girls night-in.

As they enjoy each other’s company and are served gourmet food warm from the oven while drinking goblets of wine, the ambiance of the low-wattage lamps in the room, mixed in with candle light was so inviting I wanted to jump right into the scene with them.

I also found I liked the black accents in the room along with the tapestry and textured large throw pillows that the character’s are snuggled into on the sofa.

  تلاش لولا داسیلوا برای ارتقای نقش برزیل در جامعه جهانی