Kitchen cabinets with glass doors: 18 inspiring examples

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A kitchen glass cabinet next to the dining table

via Nordiska Kök

White kitchen cabinets with glass doors on top of a green bottom module

The upper kitchen cabinets with the small glass panels on either side of the stove module in this kitchen add a gorgeous textural element to the layout and break up the classic design by using different types of materials.

Upper glass cabinets with small glass panels in a classic kitchen

The area above the copper sink in this beautiful grey-green shaker kitchen is filled with upper cabinets with glass doors. The shiplap backsplash behind the sink continues in the back of the glass cabinets, making it feel integrated into the space.

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White upper cabinets with glass kitchen cabinet doors in ribbed frosted glass

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Frosted glass cabinets above the kitchen sink

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A greige kitchen with two small glass cabinets on the wall

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Dark wood kitchen cabinets with glass doors contrast with white cupboards

Four same-size kitchen modules are fitted right next to each other, with three of them finished off with glass front cabinets. Both the open corner module and the three closed modules have shelves on the same heights, allowing the lines to connect throughout the design.

The entire wall of this kitchen is filled with a large module of lower cabinets combined with glass front cabinets that sit right on top of them for an impressive effect in the space that gives the impression of a historic pharmacy or shop.

The green kitchen cabinets on the bottom of this kitchen are paired with grey limestone countertops and chrome hardware for a modern look that is paired with white kitchen cabinets on the top that are finished with ribbed frosted glass doors often part of furniture design trends as well.

This corner layout kitchen with a kitchen island in the middle includes a lot of storage cabinets on a relatively small surface. By including transparent glass panel doors on top of the sink, the kitchen design looks a lot lighter, and the combination of other materials like black marble and chrome work well together to achieve the right design.

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Upper kitchen cabinets with sliding glass doors

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Two strips of small glass inserts around the hood

The upper cabinets are lined with oak wood, which can be seen through the glass doors, which adds extra material charm to the setting.

Kitchen cabinets with ribbed glass doors in a two-tone kitchen

The light wood inlay used for the insides of the glass cabinets works well in combination with the warm tone of the hardwood floor.

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Even though the neutral kitchen design looks quite modest, the combination of the different materials makes it shine.

Kitchen cabinets with glass doors above the sink in a grey kitchen

Upper cabinets with frosted glass are applied to either side of the stove in this beautiful light grey kitchen with a large kitchen island. The soft lines in the textured glass fronts come back in the grout lines of the vertical tiles used for the stove backsplash and the glass cabinets come with integrated lighting to make the contents stand out even more.

Ribbed glass cabinets on either side of the stove in a light grey kitchen

The glass kitchen cabinet doors are sliding doors with gold handles on the bottom and a beautiful arrangement of decor items, glasses, and ceramics turns this space into a beautiful display.

Kitchen cabinets with glass doors in a classic light grey kitchen

In this beautiful sage green shaker kitchen, only two small upper cabinets have frosted glass doors, just enough to break up the upper layout and give it an interesting design.

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A large glass cabinet in the same style as the off-white kitchen is placed against the dining room wall. This massive glass kitchen cabinet can hold all dinnerware in the drawers, closed cabinets, or in the oak-lined glass kitchen cabinets in the top half.

The ribbed textured glass makes the contents of the cabinet blurry for a calmer effect and the wood shelves stand out in front of the glass.

White kitchen cabinets with glass doors on top of a green bottom module

The glass cabinets are styled with bowls, glasses, and antique apothecary bottles for a calm and stylish setting on the shelves.

Kitchen cabinets with glass doors in a classic light grey kitchen with white marble countertops


Adding upper cabinets to your kitchen is an easy way to add more storage space, however, in some cases, this can make the kitchen design look busy and crowded. Kitchen cabinets with glass doors offer a great alternative to keep the kitchen design light, and at the same time, they provide a spot for your dinnerware, glasses, and accessories.

This beautiful kitchen design features light grey kitchen cabinets with brass hardware on the bottom and white cabinets with glass doors on the top. The cabinet frame of the upper cabinets includes small drawers with the same knobs as the ones on the glass doors.

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A minimal grey kitchen with glass kitchen cabinets on top of the sink

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Textured glass cabinets on either side of stove

The big wall of white cupboards in this spacious kitchen with a big kitchen island continues into glass kitchen cabinets made out of dark wood above the sink. The upper kitchen cabinets pair nicely with the stainless steel countertop by the sink and complement the dark wood of the kitchen island in a nice way.

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Similar to the previous example, this kitchen features a bottom module with the kitchen cabinets with glass doors fitted right on top. By picking out the two different cabinet types in different colors, an interesting design is achieved.

I love that the copper material of the gorgeous sink also comes back in the copper cooking pan on display behind the glass door. It’s finishing touches like these where you can really make a difference in the styling of your glass cabinets.

A sage green kitchen with glass cabinets above the sink with a shiplap backsplash

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Three glass panel kitchen cabinets with drawers on the bottom

Rather than applying upper kitchen cabinets to the wall, you can place your upper cabinets right on top of the countertop, just like in this kitchen design. What you might lose in countertop space is made up by the extra amount of storage gained with the higher kitchen cabinet doors and by using glass doors, you ensure the design doesn’t get too heavy.

Glass cabinets on top of a kitchen with grey cabinets

The area above the sink with the stainless steel countertop consists of an open shelf and two narrow frosted glass doors on either side framing the arched cutout above the sink.

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A majestic kitchen with glass kitchen cabinet doors on the upper layout

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A glass cabinet in the same style as the kitchen

This greige kitchen with a black countertop and chrome hardware is finished off with open shelving above the sink, paired with two small glass cabinets on either side. The glass inserts give the hanging cabinets a lighter look and they fit perfectly on top of the beautiful wainscoting that covers the walls of this room.

Greige kitchen cabinets in a shaker kitchen with a black countertop

This spacious dream kitchen consists mostly of lower cabinets, yet the area against the wall has been fitted with a large upper module with sliding door glass cabinets for the glasses and ceramics. This glass cabinet in combination with the classic stove and the antique-looking kitchen island gives this majestic kitchen a classic and elegant appearance.

The wood shelves and cabinet inlay matches the wood species of the hardwood floor and of the door frame, which is an elegant finishing touch to the design of this blue kitchen.

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Kitchen cabinets with glass doors in a blue kitchen

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Kitchen cabinets with glass doors as tableware storage on top of the main kitchen element

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Glass cabinets on top of the lower cabinets for an impressive look

When you are planning out a new kitchen, it’s easy to select some or all upper cabinetry with glass doors. If you have an existing kitchen, you can always check with the supplier if it’s possible to exchange some of the existing doors with glass doors to upgrade your kitchen.

In this green kitchen, upper cabinets are applied over the stove only, with the hood built inside the cabinets. On each side of the hood, longer wall cabinets with small glass inserts are applied to store glasses.The marble backsplash behind the stove follows the irregular bottom of the upper cabinets and the open space on top of the cabinets allows for the beautiful crown molding to shine against the greige walls.

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Glass cabinets lined with shiplap on the back

The classic design of the kitchen matches perfectly with the wainscoting in this space and the molding on top of the glass cabinet frames the kitchen in a nice way.

A classic kitchen with a wood kitchen island, glass cabinets and grey marble countertops

When deciding where to include kitchen cabinets with glass doors, think about how many of your kitchen items are worth displaying and how many need to be stored behind closed doors. Since you will be able to see the contents through the glass doors (whether frosted glass, stained glass, or clear glass) you need to find an elegant way of storing the things in there.

Glass kitchen cabinet doors in a two-tone kitchen

This minimal off-white kitchen is finished off with a glass cabinet in the same style by the dining table. The upper part has glass doors with an oak inlay from which the carefully selected items stand out, while the bottom part features a full wood door to hide away the items you don’t want on display.

This beautiful kitchen with greige kitchen cabinets and a gorgeous terrazzo countertop on both the island and backsplash is finished off with upper cabinets with sliding glass doors with a ribbed texture so that the contents on display appear blurry for a more subtle and calm effect.

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Two strips of small glass panels on either side of the kitchen layout

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