Get the Look: Parisian Apartments

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Not all Parisans decorate in this style and if you look at rental sites like this one many are contemporary with their installations of furnishings and art. If you want to browse a beautiful portfolio of renovated apartments in Paris, don’t miss apartments remodeled by the Kasha design team.

These can be real or faux, simple or ornate, but always stone.

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Curved arms, crystals, or a modern silhouette, a large focal point chandelier is a must.

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Antique Furniture

From vintage portraits to curated originals, Parisians often have clusters of art around their spaces.


Hardwood Flooring

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Think thin rectangular molding on the walls and filigree on the ceilings and in the corners.

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I’m in Paris this week staying in a very small but very chic Parisian apartment filled with light and plants in the Latin Quarter. I haven’t been back in seven years so it’s lovely to be here in the fall running around town with my girlfriends.

Final note: when researching this post I discovered the very same apartment I had already booked on Airbnb popped up on Vogue’s Ten Best Airbnbs in Paris! I agree it’s tres chic.


Parisian design has mastered the timeless yet contemporary mix between modern and traditional. There are elements that are distinctive to the quintessential Paris Apartment which give it the iconic look, one that is recreated across the City of Light and also copied in homes and apartments across the world.

   کمبود تخم مرغ در نیوزیلند/ افزایش بی سابقه قیمت در آمریکا و ژاپن



A Grand Chandelier

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Most often seen in parquet installations and herringbone patterns.

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Large Gilded Mirrors


Brass Details

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These reflect a lot of light and give off Versailles vibes at the same time.

Add a traditional piece in dark stained wood:, a desk, an armoire, a chest of drawers.


Marble Fireplace Surround

Architectural details like tall ceilings with molding and grand chandeliers make a Paris apartment feel elegant and refined. However, there’s no need to live in Paris to incorporate touches of it in your living, dining, bedroom, or bathroom spaces. The elements are classic and can be used together or sparingly throughout your spaces too.

White Painted Millwork

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Art Collections

Railings, doorknobs, sconces, end table or vanity bases, brass is a necessary touch.

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