front yard landscaping

Last fall, we tackled quite a few things on the front {and back} yard list when it came to setting up all things landscaping for this spring. At the time, we were exhausted just coming off of our primary addition, {see bedroom + bath, laundry and butler’s pantry pending} and couldn’t believe we took on the front yard with a massive trellis and brick walkway, as well as a back porch/deck area. All in hopes that spring would be a little easier, since we knew we would be doing some big-time planting. Looking back, we’re so glad we did, because it made for a much more exciting spring in the all-things pretty and progress department. Today we thought we’d share some of the finer details with our front yard landscaping and what we’ve tackled this spring. 

While we added a few shrubs and trees last fall, some of them just didn’t make it with the unusually cold winter. We were able to relocate a few and revive some. So we came in hot this spring in two different phases to take it on. About a month ago, we replaced a few plants on the left side and our existing bed. Then last week, we experienced a rare lull in client work and knew this was our chance to take on what we needed for the right side. If we don’t jump on it when we get the chance, some things just don’t happen. We took an entire week to get to work, even digging some more drainage ditches in the side yard. This house was such a beast, we neglected all things yard for so long. We’re thrilled that this is the summer of baby plants… but we’re so happy to have such a fun front yard start. 

Here’s where we began when we found our home seven years ago. It’s been quite the transformation over the years. But we’ve come such a long way, taking the entire thing from under 1700 to over 3700 sq ft. You can peek at our addition on the front, to the right in the second photo. It’s finally feeling put together in the very best of ways. 

Once upon a time, we lost the best thing about this front yard, and it was our massive oak tree in the front. That one hurt. So we’ve been busy trying to give it whatever appeal we can with as many trees as possible. 

Here’s what the yard looked via a side view this fall, before we tackled this walkway. 

These Glen-Gery bricks made such a fun addition! We adore all the amazing details with this change, and it definitely helps the whole split level conundrum of sharp angles by adding so many soft elements and curves. This might be one of the most satisfying before and afters so far. Byeeeee 1976. 

See what I mean by baby plants? The idea is that I actually keep these alive, so that they fill in beautifully, over time. Yeah stay tuned. We’re trying really hard. 

They should grow into a beautiful garden together, in the future. 

  رهبر کره شمالی: پیونگ یانگ آماده جنگ با آمریکا است

We adore the way everything is looking!

Last fall we made these changes, then refreshed the left side about a month ago. Next, we took on the right side this past week. Here’s a quick before I grabbed with my phone. Previously, these bushes were terribly overgrown on the right side. But because of the unusually savage winter we had around December, most of the surviving plants had dead leaves and branches. Jamin took the opportunity to trim them back, and then we relocated a few, too. 

Those are fake snakes and a fake owl on my porch, if you’re wondering. We braved all the poop and mess and not being able to use our front door, to let a little bird fam have their way with our wreath about a month ago. Our belongings will never be the same, but after this first batch flew away, we decided enough is enough. You can not be here all summer long, birds. Two families tried to make more nests. We have a plethora of about fifty trees in our yard. Go nest somewhere else, please. Or pay rent. At this point, I think we’re being bullied, tbh, because they aren’t exactly buying the fake owl thing. 


And here we are now! The dirt to the right is another drainage area where we are redirecting water around the fresh bed. Side note: if you ever want to close your rings on your watch, whilst simultaneously achieving a giant blister, go dig a trench.

There’s just something about this space when the sunlight hits! Our doggos love their yard with a big new fence, too. 

I grabbed a photo of them the other afternoon – owl back in place, perched over our kichler light. Yes, I am turning into a grumpy old lady. 

Some of these trees are getting so big! A little of the view from the porch. We love how full they’re getting. 

My goal with this front yard is to have an english garden vibe. So that when the kids bring friends home in the future, they’re all, WOW ARE YOUR PARENTS GARDENERS?! Or something else that makes me feel good about all the work we’ve put into this house. We don’t own a McMansion, but a cozy home that feels timeless and fun in all the best ways. Yes, it’s the little things. Compliments make me happy. 


One big change you may have noticed are these amazing flower window boxes! We have loved their brand for years and were thrilled to bring some in to the front as well. From their site: 

Flower Window Boxes TM brand PVC window boxes are helping to transform the window box industry as your affordable no rot solution to window boxes that look, paint, and feel identical to wood. We are redefining window box quality with our affordable no-rot window boxes that are designed to outlast any of our competitors’ window boxes made with cheap plastic or wood. Our white Charleston window boxes are made from a no-rot PVC material that has the same look and feel as wood but doesn’t require all the maintenance of wood. 

Ummmm how cute are these?! 

  هشدار کره جنوبی و آمریکا به کره شمالی درباره هرگونه حمله اتمی

We love the brackets for that timeless feel, and we went with the self-watering option as well. We just check in and add water from the window about every seven days, and it stores it in a reservoir underneath. A subtle addition with a big impact!

Here’s a sneak peek of our side yard where you’ve seen it before… we’ve had these from since around 2019. They have held up beautifully. So we were thrilled to add more to the front, too. 

This is a before and after of our house from the side {before our fence was painted.} I know I keep saying we’ve come such a long way, but we’ve really come such a long way. 

These bring so much character to the front. Be sure to check out their entire site for all their awesome options! They have brackets, gales, corbels, shutters and so much more. Eye candy for the outside of your home!

This season, we matched the sides and the front by adding lavender + ice plant. I am all about perennials that will come back each year and look so pretty in all the flower boxes. 

Now we just wait for them to fill in for that charming, full look. We adore these window boxes!

Here’s a little more of what we planted: 

We added this raised bed to simplify and add a little charm to the front. We love this look and feel like it goes so well with the entire vibe of our house. The plants in front of it will fill in over time for a more layered look, so the galvanized tub will not be in full view. In this particular raised bed, we added both perennials and a little touch of annuals. 

• Sedum – these come back every year in our back yard and bloom with the prettiest little flowers. They’re low maintenance which makes them right up my alley. 

• Carnations – I love the color variation here and it offers a nice punch in the front. They also come back, and make for a nice cutting garden too. 

• Dahlias – for that shot of purple. Annuals, but I love the color combo!

• Peonies! 

In front of our boxwoods and this huge galvanized planter, we were thrilled to add a cutting garden a-la Natchez Glen. 

They offer these beautiful peony cutting gardens and I could not be more thrilled to add these to our front yard. Our front yard is north facing, so I added these far enough out from our house, that they get a nice 8 hours of sun each day. Be sure to check out Natchez Glen for their awesome offerings. These arrived safely in a little box and I transplanted them after a few days! I’ll keep you updated as they grow.

Grow babies grow! I have never been so excited to see something thrive! They’re already larger one week later since nabbing this photo, and they’re doing great in the front. Be sure to check them out here to see all their beautiful offerings as well. 

  نه اینکه کسی بپرسد اما کجا بوده ام؟!

I am officially the lady who comes out to stand in her yard late every afternoon and weed, study, babysit… and I’ve never found myself enjoying it more. 

• Hydrangeas – Because what’s a haint blue porch without hydrangeas and a magnolia tree? Nothing, I tell you. I am embracing my inner southern roots. Another perennial for the win. 

• Ragged Robbin – I wanted something nice and full and wild to fill in with the more contained shapes of the other plants. I also love the way that white pops against all the other color. 

• Clematis

A friend recommended clematis, and so far I have a love hate with the stuff. They are fussy. True story, I went to a snobby local nursery and paid twice the price only to lose two already. Thanks, snobby nursery. So then I went back to a big box store and replaced them with two others, who are already flourishing, as you can see here. More than the snobby store ones. This is what is supposed to fill in our trellis and I am SO excited. Apparently they are slow starters {some species} and can get clematis wilt. I cut one back per a youtube video I found, and it now has one remaining leaf, so I’m hoping it will make a comeback. We shall see. I’m one bad episode away from ripping them all out and going with Jasmine, TBH but hopefully the payoff will be worth it. Stay tuned. 

• Columbine – These are adorable little blooms I couldn’t resist. They fill in around the tighter plants like the hydrangeas with the Ragged Robin for that wildflower look. 

• Azaleas – because classic

• We also have some surviving Jazz Hands Variegated + Nandina as well, that we moved around accordingly. Yay survivors!

On the front of the bed and walkway, we added Creeping Phlox as a ground cover to slowly spread over time and block out the grass. We love their sweet little purple blooms.

To the porch:

• Kalanchoe for the front porch and a few other annual varieties. – I grabbed up a few smaller ones in different colors too. Another hit of pink because I’m all about that color. 

Hello, gorgeous. I had to scoop up this one as well. It’s called Hypoestes and it’s my new favorite. He will be coming inside this winter. Probably along with all my other annuals, to be honest. 

And that about covers ALL THE THINGS. I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun planting because until now, I have never had a true moment to really plan and enjoy anything. We are loving all this progress. And the general feeling of a house mostly done {even though we have MORE plans for the future}.

I really should go back and count to see how many plant babies we’ve added. The trees are going strong, so now we wait!

Have you guys been gardening lately? We would love to hear some of your tried and true faves that you add. 

 Have an inspired day!