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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Walmart.  As always, all words and opinions expressed are honest and my own.

Last week was the first week that felt like fall and it was glorious.  I mourn that the pool has become a polar bear swimming experience, but that is about all I’ll miss about summer.  I love it when cooler weather comes in and I can don my hoodies and slippers.  I also love decorating during fall and winter perhaps more than any other season. I don’t do a ton of specific holiday decorating, but I love seasonal decorating with elements that speak to that season as well as natural items.

I did a bit of shopping on Walmart’s website to find some new items to mix into vintage and antique finds as well as some natural seasonal elements.  I usually show finished tables, but I thought it would be fun to walk through how I put one together.  I started with this pretty pale blue cotton-blend tablecloth with an embroidered detail

It’s maybe a smidge too small for my table with the leaf in, but I decided to use it with the leaves anyway.  It covers the table but doesn’t have a generous overhang.  With cats, that’s not necessarily a bad thing!

I added some seasonal elements and greenery with a mix of faux branches and a live heirloom pumpkin.  The idea here is to create a focal point, some height, and to establish a feeling, theme, and/or color palette for the table.  The branches are THESE faux olive branches (for just over $3/each) and THESE ficus branches.  I didn’t mix in live greenery because everything is thoroughly wet from the rain, but mixing live greenery in with faux is a great way to create a more convincingly real look.  Both of these branches look pretty nice, though!  I put them in an antique ironstone pitcher, but HERE is a new one that is similar.

  وزیر خارجه آلمان برای اعلام سیاست اتحادیه اروپا راهی چین شد

I added a small white pedestal with fresh seasonal fruit to round out the centerpiece and set the table with vintage plates and THESE water goblets.  Most of my water goblets broke in the move, so I needed to pick up some new ones to have enough for holiday meals.

Doesn’t it look so pretty already?  This is the point where I step back and see how everything is working together.  I might tweak the items in the center until it looks balanced, pretty, and pleasing to my eye.  Once I’m happy with the foundation, I’ll add all of the fillers and fun stuff to bring the table to life.  I’ll just play, adding layers until it feels finished.  I always love this part of the process because I usually get an idea of something I have in my stash that will make the table unique.

In the case of this table, I used some blue checked ribbon I bought from Walmart a few years ago to add over the plates and loosely weave around the centerpiece.

A fun element I added for a wow factor on this table was these dark green fluted taper candles by Better Homes & Gardens from Walmart.  The green is a slightly different shade than what I normally pick, but I like how they add an eclectic feel.

The flatware, plates, and napkins are all vintage, but, I also added THESE Staub mini-Cocottes I’ve had for a few years.  For serving a fall dinner, I would use these to serve up some soup as a starter or perhaps bake mini casseroles in them.

I loved this set of three candle holders that can be used to hold tapers or flipped over to hold tealights.  They remind me of Victorian ink wells!  I put a few on small vintage transferware and silver plates to add another layer and to catch any wax drips.

  RAPA combines thatch and stone at lakeside Summer House

Here are a few more photos of the table because it was fun to photograph…

glass water goblets, set of 12 

pale blue tablecloth | blue checked ribbon | mini ceramic cocotte


And here is the table coming together.  The kitties are always a big help.

Just for fun, I curated another fall tablescape look from Walmart.  I picture using the ginger jars to hold branches and maybe some seasonal flowers.



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