An Update On The Bonus Room Lockers

We’ve been living with these built-in lockers in our bonus room for over a year and a half now. They’ve been thoroughly used and loved, and with school starting, I figured we’re overdue for an update. We still love the lockers! That hasn’t changed, but the way they’re getting used day-to-day has evolved. Here’s a full update!

Okay, back to the lockers! Even with future mudroom plans, I have zero regrets about these lockers. The quality is amazing, and they’ve proven to be a great solution for storing the girls’ bags, purses, jackets, and papers. Kids come home from school with SO many papers, and I always tell them that if they want to keep it, it goes in the bottom drawer of their locker. I can’t even tell you how life-changing this has been for us! Even with the mudroom going in downstairs, we have no plans to get rid of these lockers. I think they are downright charming, and very functional for our family.

If you have locker storage in your home, I’d love to know where they are and how you like using them so drop a comment.

Stand-Alone Lockers

  1. Aldoyn Hall Tree $185
  2. Cache Metal Locker Storage Cabinet $249
  3. Wood Cubby Locker $298
  4. Gillian Tall Storage Cabinet $299
  5. Mesh Metal Locker $417
  6. Harper Gray Cabinet $762
  7. Casement Black Tall Storage Cabinet $1149
  8. Mason Cane Storage Cabinet $1699
  9. Alcott Entry Cabinets (set of 3) $2639


Lockers | Basket | Blanket | Leather Chairs | Wood Table

Luckily, we have plans to turn our previous downstairs laundry room into a mudroom. A lot more details are coming, but we have officially submitted our plans to the HOA since we’ll be adding an exterior door (!!) leading into what was our old laundry room, and is currently Cricket’s room, and will be our official mudroom! Hopefully, I won’t have to keep the juicy details to myself for too long because I can’t wait to show you!

  تکه تکه های کاغذ دیواری قدیمی را به پروانه تبدیل کنید

When we originally built the lockers into the bonus room, we did so out of necessity! You see, we didn’t really have any central storage for the girls’ backpacks and jackets and school things, and we REALLY needed a place. At the time, it made sense to build in these lockers as a storage place for backpacks, yes. But also special school papers, headphones, and just a personal landing spot for each girl. “Did you check your locker?” is a common phrase around here. We knew this probably wouldn’t be a long-term solution because the bonus room is upstairs, which isn’t exactly ideal for kids who are just getting home from school after a long day. That being said, it’s still been great to have a “home” for those things, regardless of how frequently their backpacks end up on those hooks during the week once school starts.

If you have limited storage space in your home, lockers can help maximize vertical storage and keep clutter at bay. They can be particularly useful in entryways, mudrooms, or even in the garage, but don’t let that stop you from adding one to your family room 😉. Here are some cute free-standing lockers that could even be built into a space. They’re sorted by price from low to high, and there’s a locker here for every budget!