An Ever Evolving Corner – Emily A. Clark

I’ve said it before, but one of the best–and absolute worst–things about documenting your home on the internet is being able to go back and see the changes over time. But for me, the joy of decorating really is in the changes, updates and rearrangements along the way. Will you occasionally have to endure eye rolls and snide comments from your family members? Maybe, but press on anyway. I’ve changed up this corner in our dining room many times over the last eight years and thought I’d walk you through some of my thoughts.

Here’s where I started after painting the walls black. My dad bought this chest at a garage sale for $30 and it’s still one of my favorite pieces. I found the green lamp and mirror at thrift stores. I love the shape of the mirror, but it just didn’t feel like it was making much of a statement in this spot.

Enter statement mirror. I bought this one from Ballard Designs years ago for our last house. I love how it fills the wall (and covers the large nail hole now behind it). The printer under the chest wasn’t ideal, but I was also using the room as an office.

I switched it up for Christmas one year by using a blue (spray painted) lamp shade I already had and setting up this area as a little drink station.

New-Year-furniture-rearranging-things_I_did_over_breakAt some point, I decided to move the black chest into our living room and switch it out for this bamboo one that I painted a chartreuse green. I liked the contrast against the dark walls and found these happy chinoiserie lamps at a consignment store.

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Another day, another pair of lamps. I was thrilled to find these while thrifting and decided to try them here first. I thought they looked great with the mirror but eventually moved them to the piano across the room where the height worked better.

Next change: I added a vintage rug to this space, which I (still) love, but I really disliked the contrast between the red rug and chartreuse chest. I decided to throw a tablecloth over it for a while to see if it would work. I also pulled one from a pair of blue and white lamps that I was using upstairs.

skirted-console-tableAfter living with that change for a while, I decided I liked the softness of a fabric in this corner but wanted to add a pattern. After pricing custom skirted console tablecloths, I quickly realized there was no way I was paying that much and ordered a large striped duvet from Amazon instead.

And finally, here’s where it stands today. I updated a pleated shade with a fun red trim and added thrifted art and candlesticks. Of course, nothing stays the same for long. . .