12 Inspiring ways yellow kitchen cabinets can make a statement

The soft beige kitchen cabinets with yellow undertones in this room add a soft and welcoming warmth to the crisp white walls that brighten the space and its historic features.

Pastel tones have emerged as a chic and refreshing choice for contemporary kitchen designs in the last few years and pastel yellow is no exception to this trend.

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White kitchen walls balance out a bright yellow kitchen design

This modern interior features a clean and minimal kitchen design in pastel yellow, paired with a stainless steel countertop and backsplash. Modern yellow kitchens like this one benefit from minimalist lines and the absence of hardware for a clean look, allowing for the color to be the main focal point in the room.

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Trendy two-tone cabinets for a visually striking contrast

Styled by Clindholm Design, photographed by Jocke Ono for Historiska Hem

Beige with yellow undertones and brass hardware in a white room

To contribute to the visual warmth of the kitchen design, a dusty pink wall color is added paired with glossy surfaces on the brass hardware and a natural element in the butcher block countertops for a unique and fresh style.

Mustard yellow kitchen cabinets paired with brass hardware, blue floors and pink walls

The bold color choice of the kitchen cabinets is balanced out by neutral elements like a white countertop, white walls, and stainless steel details, allowing the yellow kitchen to add a pop of sunshine into the space.

A modern kitchen design with pastel yellow cabinets and white walls

If you are about to create a kitchen with yellow elements, I collected some paint colors for you here. Remember to test sample cabinet colors in your actual kitchen space before making a final decision as colors may appear differently in various lighting conditions.

Pastel yellows

Muted and deep yellows

Bright yellows

The yellow shaker cabinets are like a ray of sunshine in this classic style deVOL kitchen that is finished off with a white marble countertop and curved backsplash. The white glass partition and the white walls brighten the space even more and the white pendant lights will ensure the addition of a warm task light above the counter at night.

The warm beige limestone countertops complement the cabinetry and add a natural, earthy texture to the clean and modern lines in the design. The addition of gold hardware adds a touch of refined luxury that elevates the overall design and brings out the yellow undertones in the cabinet color.

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A beige kitchen with yellow undertones, brass hardware and beige limestone countertops

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Pastel yellow base cabinets in a modern two-tone kitchen

Styled by Clindholm Design, photographed by Jocke Ono for Historiska Hem

A modern minimalist kitchen that pairs pastel yellow cabinetry with sleek stainless steel elements

The lightness of the pastel yellow paint paired with the rich and earthy texture of the warm oak material is complemented with a clean and elegant white terrazzo countertop and backsplash. The stainless steel hardware is the perfect finishing touch that introduces an elegant and modern sophistication and timeless charm to the cooking space.

A two-tone kitchen with oak upper cabinets and pastel yellow base cabinets, a white terrazzo countertop and chrome hardware

The gold peg rail and gold faucet bring the kitchen design to life. The arrangement of accessories and pans on the peg rail adds an element of play to the style that is both unique and characteristic.

A classic English kitchen in a subdued yellow with a brown kitchen island from deVOL kitchens

When combined with rustic elements like wood tones and open shelving, a kitchen with yellow cabinets can have a farmhouse charm. This inviting space that doesn’t have much natural light coming in features mustard-yellow cabinets that instantly catch the eye, infusing the space with personality.

Yellow cabinets can blend in with a variety of kitchen styles from rustic to modern and pair well with a wide range of complementary hues like crisp white, dark wood, earthy tones, or navy blue. In the list below, you can find my favorite yellow kitchen ideas for you to get inspired by.

A farmhouse kitchen that pairs a yellow color scheme with dusty pink upper cabinets

Yellow is a good color to create a captivating focal point that adds depth and personality, however, pairing it with white countertops and neutral cabinetry balances out the extra dose of sunshine in the accent color that reflects the natural light coming into this room.

A two-tone kitchen with wood cabinets and yellow cupboards, paired with a vintage dining table and chairs

Photographed by Fanny Rådvik for Cupboards and Goods

A bright shade of yellow in a warm, fun, and radiant kitchen style

The bright and warm yellow shade on the cabinetry adds a ray of sunshine and lots of charm to this room with white walls, a white ceiling, and a beige vinyl floor. The fun design is complemented with stainless steel appliances and a white tile backsplash, allowing for the pop of yellow to take center stage.

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A traditional shaker-style kitchen with yellow paint and complementing wallpaper

This spacious cooking space is characterized by the mustard yellow shade on the shaker cabinets and on the wall shelving. The white tiles with black grout form the perfect backdrop for this elegant cabinet color that becomes a true focal point in the space.

Yellow is a bold kitchen cabinet color that will infuse your space with warmth and character. Yellow hues can evoke feelings of joy, energy, and optimism, making it a perfect color choice when you want to create a lively and welcoming kitchen space.

The mustard yellow is paired with natural light wood tones in the dining table and chairs, balancing out the pop of color on the cabinets in an elegant and sophisticated way.

A yellow kitchen with white tiles and black grout

The gentle shade in this pastel-yellow kitchen creates a serene atmosphere, which is paired with white terrazzo countertops for a harmonious blend of minimalism and timeless sophistication that is finished off with a richer tone of yellow paint on the wall of the cooking space.

A pastel yellow kitchen with yellow hardware, terrazzo countertops and a yellow accent wall

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Pastel yellow cabinets paired with yellow walls and yellow details

To contrast the kitchen module in the room, a warm wood vintage dining table combined with black dining chairs and an elegant pendant light add a classic elegance. This kitchen design blends old with new in an effortless way, creating an interior where nostalgia meets modernity for a lively, yet timeless effect.

A bright yellow kitchen paired with a white tile backsplash, stainless steel appliances and a mid-century modern dining table

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Mustard yellow shaker cabinets stand out against the white tiles on the backsplash

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Ochre yellow hues in a bold, complementary color palette

The warmth of the yellow is complemented by a cream shiplap backsplash, allowing the rustic charm to shine through.

This modern kitchen features a cabinet color that is on the lighter end of the yellow spectrum, with a shade that has pastel characteristics, however, the yellow shade still has a bold effect in the white kitchen space.

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A pale yellow shaker kitchen with white walls

The yellow walls and cabinets are finished off with black accents on the countertops and hardware which add a modern effect and a striking contrast that highlights the beauty and warmth of the yellow cabinets.

To further elevate the design, a daring choice of dusty pink upper cabinets adds an unexpected twist, introducing a hint of vintage elegance into the interior, while simultaneously balancing the perfect shade of yellow with a soft, feminine touch.

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A yellow farmhouse style kitchen with cream shiplap walls and dusty pink upper cabinets

Whether you choose a soft, pastel yellow or go for a bold shade like mustard yellow, canary yellow, or sunflower, yellow kitchens can instantly transform your space into a sunny oasis that brightens up your entire home or house.

The light yellow color is also used on part of the kitchen walls, on the kitchen island, and on the stove hood for an impressive effect. The dark wood floor and the black bar stools by the kitchen island contrast nicely with the light colors used to bring the kitchen design to life.

A modern pastel yellow kitchen with stainless steel countertops and backsplash

This two-tone kitchen with yellow cupboards paired with oak wood kitchen cabinets generates a visually striking contrast between the natural wood tones and the fresh yellow focal point created by the full wall of tall yellow cupboards in this cooking space with a dining area.

When designing a color palette for your yellow kitchen, there are two approaches you can take: you can either pair yellow tones with similar colors (like most of the yellow kitchen ideas on this list) or you can work with complementary colors, found on the opposite side of yellow on the color wheel, such as shades of blue and purple.

The fusion of classic and contemporary elements in this kitchen with yellow cabinetry highlights the versatility of the color yellow in different kitchen styles.

A classic yellow farmhouse kitchen with black countertops, black hardware , yellow shiplap walls and accent wallpaper

The pastel yellow on the lower cabinets in this contemporary kitchen instantly makes you feel happy, while the upper cabinetry in soft oak wood balances the color palette. This elegant combination of neutral materials and bright yellow has a stylish and inviting effect on the interior design.

This modern kitchen design features a perfect choice of complementary colors that create a striking contrast and a visually dynamic interior design. The ochre yellow kitchen cabinetry is paired with a blue floor and blue accessories.

This traditional kitchen with yellow cabinets is adorned with a yellow shiplap backsplash by the sink for a cohesive, sunny, and cheerful look that is finished off with a floral wallpaper design with green and yellow shades.

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Yellow paint swatches to give a try