12 Amazon Jewelry Pieces That Look More Expensive Than They Are

For those of you who almost exclusively shop on Amazon, I see you. Sometimes that Prime Delivery is just too good to pass up. Lately, I’ve discovered several Amazon jewelry pieces that have become my daily essentials. However, with a sea of choices out there, finding the best jewelry on Amazon can be daunting. To spare you the hassle, I’ve handpicked 12 of my top jewelry selections from Amazon, each perfect as a gift or to treat yourself. Heads up, you’ve seen me wear these over and over and over again…

My Amazon Jewelry Picks

My Favorite $14 Amazon Earrings

When I say I’ve been living in these $14 earrings since February, I mean I’ve been liiiiivingggg in them. I showered, worked out, and slept in them for 7 months straight. Unfortunately for me, I’ve got sensitive ears, but these sterling silver drop-chain hoops haven’t bothered me whatsoever. Recently, I swapped them out for a different pair, and after a day, my ears started hurting, so I went back to my tried and true. Highly recommend, and you can’t beat that price!

Gold Chain Drop Earrings

My Apple Watch Band & Stacked Bracelets

Okay, I’ve had this watch band for yeeaarss, and it’s my one and only. I cannot believe it’s only $19 because the weight feels so substantial on my wrist. I take it off every night to sleep and put it on first thing in the morning and even wear it while I work out and swim.

The layered gold bracelets are a new purchase recommendation, and I’m loving them. The set comes with eight different 14K gold-plated bracelets, all for the price of $16!! Cannot be beat!

  گام جدید چین برای نقش‌آفرینی در خاورمیانه؛ آیا فرمول پکن راهگشا خواهد بود؟

Mixed Metal Watch Band | Gold Bracelet Stack

My Favorite Amazon Jewelry

As promised, I curated a list of my 12 favorite Amazon jewelry pieces, and surprise, the most expensive piece on here is $22.

  1. Chain Hoop Huggie Earrings $14
  2. Twisted Gold Ring $13
  3. Silver Bracelet Stack $17
  4. Stainless Steel Apple Watch Band $19
  5. Dainty Diamond and Gold Necklace $15
  6. Chain Link Bracelet $22
  7. Gold Dome Huggie Earrings $14
  8. Gold Star Studs $12
  9. Gold Bracelet Stack $16
  10. Herringbone Necklace Set $16
  11. Tortoise Apple Watch Band $14
  12. Gold and Diamond Ring $10

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